Something is broken

I haven’t run at all since the Saturday Half. I think I am traumatized by how horrible I felt in the race. The bad part is that the Empire State Building Run Up is in 7 days… so I should finish the “leg attack” early this week, then run, then rest… And it’s not happening. I’ve been pretty quiet the last two days and I just woke up from a 12 hour nap… something is definitely off. I am having coffee, maybe that will turn it on?  Besides racing and sleeping I managed to do a lot this weekend. I saw “The Fighter” and I loved it. I have never liked boxing and I knew it was because I didn’t understand it. I can’t say I know a great deal now but it was funny how during the two fights they show I could see parallels with racing strategy. It was quite interesting… and surprisingly fun to watch once you understand what’s going on! I also met up with unlikelyrunner for brunch as you know from her post, and she’s super nice! Fun times! Weather is supposed to go up to the 30s today, so I REALLY have to get my act together and head out soon!

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