And the night flying

These weeks keep flying by and I am starting to guess it’s because I am too busy to be able to see them go.

Tonight, I have a Team in Training event. It’s our Triathlon Summer Season Kick Off; over 400 triathletes get together with their teammates, coaches, and support stuff (us!) to launch the season and celebrate the amazing things we’re about to do together! I’ve invited Matt Long to come along and talk, but we have a bunch of other TRI celebrities in hand to get them motivated! Should be super fun.

Tomorrow night is NYRR’s Club Night, which is basically the Running Oscars for runners, and bit less botox and glamour maybe, but more endorphins! I was in the Selection Committee (I am in their Nominees page, Awards Selection!) but I don’t think there’s anything for me to do, so… party on!

This weekend… I am doing the Body Glide testimonial shoot, sometime when the weather is nice. Got a big box last night of products, which… I had no idea Body Glide did! Will share soon, but it’s quite exciting!

And sometime in between, I’ll need to run… I skipped my run this morning. With 2 hours of sleep, it would have been a disaster. But I had a run Monday night that makes up for the whole week. There was nothing special about performance, I wasn’t particularly fast, but… there was some weird kick in my step. I felt like I was floating. I was also bringing in a great weekend, a fabulous 50 degree weather, and the first run after work in daylight. Decided to run back home through the great Lawn for the view of the city lights. Sometimes all you need are those easy recovery runs where you get to slow down, gather, and look up. I wish I could describe what it felt like, but I am sure you know.

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