What happens in Outdoor Retailer

Everyone in the industry is quite familiar how OR works. I had no idea. All I was told was:
1- it is huge
2- it is very laid back
What I found out: 
1-it’s bigger and bigger than I imagined. And I probably couldn’t even tell you, you’d have to see it yourself.
2- laid back… people there were not your typical vendor/buyers, it was surfers and climbers and hippies and barefoot runners, and everyone was tanned and light blonde. Coming from NYC, it’s not my typical crowd.
Everyone was super nice. I run into a lot of people I knew. I had no idea I knew so many people going. People I’ve coached, RW, NYC stores, bodyglide president, etc. etc. It was hugs and chill everywhere.
I got there Wednesday night, or morning, at around 2 am. My flight was late so there was no place to eat when I got there, so decided to jus sleep. Got 4 hours and headed out to the RW run. Jeff (Dengate, RW’s gear guy) was leading a run, and Adam (who I didn’t know) was leading the shorter run. I decided to keep things simple and chose the shorter distance.
Adam and I got to run in the front and it turned he was Adam Chase, gear guy at Running times, interesting. He had been in a session with the guy who certified me in biomechanics so we had lots to talk about. We ended up ripping down the hill back, comparing high turnovers!
After around 6 miles, he said I was doing great for 4 hrs of sleep and the altitude. Ooooops, forgot about the altitude and to hydrate!! Eeeek. I was okay!
Barely had time to shower and head over to the expo. Basically, during three days I was the biomechanics expert on site to explain and SHOW to runners/buyers/runningstoreowners&reps what these shoes, with the proper form can do. It was interesting. I had all sorts of people. People that have been using VFFs for a while, I’d tape them on their shoes on the treadmill, get them on a pair of vivos, give them some tips and tape them again. The result was always the same: waaaaaaaay better form. The befores and afters were just astounding. Glad I always had video to show them as it was usually hard for them to believe. I had lots of distance runners, alpinists, climbers, all wanting too see how this was different. I had the head of a few brands (Timberland, etc…) come with a lot more attitude and disbelief. The video never lies.
It was always shocking, and every single one of them was a challenge. There is no recipe for success in coaching. People respond differently to estimulii and instructions. These were way more informed that people I usually coach so it was a great learning experience for me.
We also had some fun/chill moments with the VIVOBAREFOOT crew
I didn’t have time to walk the whole thing, again, it’s IMMENSE. But I did see some cool stuff, and even got a couple of very cool things. Nothing is for sale there. They just bring samples to show their buyers for the next season, so you can’t expect to be able to buy/get anything. But… I did see some impressive things and my hands on them. Will do a post on that separately, because it’s just too exciting and I don’t have pics yet. You just wait, you’ll be blown away.
For now, I gotta leave you with this one
He just came over to the booth to see the new stuff. We chatted for a little bit… It’s kinda fun that, for one, HE came to me! hehe!

What happens in Outdoor Retailer

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