And… some major news!

Some of you might already have seen it in FB, but it’s time to share with all + ellaborate..!

After 18 months at Team in Training, I am moving on (can you believe how time flies?).

It was truly an experience. I made a lot of new friends, managed all sorts of different seasons and programs and events, some events that the TNT NYC Chapter embarked on for the first time (Ironman NYC, and the Bermuda marathon weekend, for example), worked with super dedicated people and all sorts of teams and ridiculously fabulous coaches, and helped take some more steps in the fight against blood cancers with truly amazing and inspiring people.

And now: another adventure that I am quite excited about. I accepted a position at Autism Speaks. I am still in the non-profit, and endurance sports and fundraising realm but it’s a very different endeavor!

They also have a fundraising endurance program where people fundraise and participate in walks, halfs, full marathons, etc, but they’re creating a series of new endurance challenges and I’ll be helping out with that! Basically, we’ll be creating 5Ks, 8Ks, and 10Ks, on a national level. Plus, they have other events (rappelling from buildings, etc) that I find very interesting and want to work on! It’ll be quite creative and hands on, just like I like! I am uber-excited!

I am officially starting next week, right after my NYC Half, but this week they are sending me to the Run Walk Ride Conference in Atlanta, where I will get to meet most of the people I’ll be working with and learn a lot. Wish me Luck!

And FYI, before you ask, this still has nothing to do with my Letting Go post from last week 😉 You’ll hear about that soon too!

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