What IF…

We could all win a race/age group once in a while?
We never had bad/slow/painful runs?
We never got injured?
We always had someone to run with, or get to enjoy the bliss of our alone time?
We could always log the mileage and the pace we wanted?
We could find the perfect shoe and put a billion miles on it without worries?
We could always have the perfect 50s, no humidity, overcast weather?
We could do as many races as we wanted, never DNF, always PR, and never have to taper or recover?
We never run into traffic lights, confused neighbors, rabid drivers/cyclists/raccoons?
We could travel anywhere to race, qualify for anything, and get back without any blisters?
We could always pace ourselves the way we planned to?

Those are the things I dream about
Oh, reality (usually) can be so different….
Would our running be better? Would we really get that much more out of it?

There is a reason we have picked this sport. There is a reason it is there.

It’s probably not only so I can eat as many donuts or cupcakes as I please, or so I can avoid all the “healthy” suggestions, or because I am addicted to it anyway…

I sense that it’s there to test me out, to see if I learned my lesson. My life lessons. Or something
Every single run/race is a test. Of something. For something.

And my running does whatever it takes to make sure I stay on track.
Maybe I will turn into a better runner.
But I know, definitely, that it makes me a better human being.
Every day.

blog post photo
Central Park is full of these rabid raccoons… That’s one way to get faster!!!

6 thoughts on “What IF…

  1. Well, sometimes running into those difficulties can give us the best stories to tell later! I mean, what kind of great story must be involved with that rabid raccoon?

    As much as I hate the disappointment and other negative feelings associated with not achieving my goals, I find that when I do come out of a slump through hard work or whatever, it’s just that much sweeter.

    At least you aren’t seeing the skunks I’ve seen the past 2 mornings I’ve been out! Fortunately, they didn’t see me…..


  2. In Sept I had the good fortune to win a weight category 10K. (Not the race or age group, but still) I was in the 200+ category and my time for the 10K was 48:20. (I’m 55 years old) What a guy!


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