MY Food Pyramid (this runner’s food pyramid)

The official Food Pyramid has five groups: grains, vegetables, milk, fruit, meat & beans…

MY food pyramid has three groups: sweets, meat*, and all the other stuff.

Of course by meat I mean BEEF. Don’t give me that chicken/turkey/fish lean-goodforyou story!

So, here are the main characters of my diet, in periodic table format, so you know what’s what:

blog post photo

blog post photo

So… without further ado, this is what MY Food Pyramid looks like:

blog post photo

And below you will find the explanation to what is in each category, as the first group (below) seems to have taken control over the whole pyramid:

blog post photo

What is the little Me climbing the pyramid towards?? Quite possibly, sugar crash and crazy cholesterol…!
For now, my cholesterol is PERFFFECT, as my cardiologist loves to says. Go figure!!
*1- It would be very easy to say NO to these things, for very very obvious reasons, but  I am scared one day I will not be able to or, Pre forbid, won’t want to eat them. The horror! Got eat the stuff you like while you still want to!!!
Who’s hungry???

4 thoughts on “MY Food Pyramid (this runner’s food pyramid)

  1. The Chomps prior to a long run are a go for me too!
    And, thanks to you, I must have toast with Nutella and sliced bananas at some point during the day. 🙂
    I’m gonna laugh at those periodic tables all day. Way too funny!


  2. LOL that was FUNNY! I too eat a lot of meat…..but that’s because I’m paleo so the base of my pyramid is veggies, followed by meat of all sorts & eggs, with fats next, then a bit of fruit and of course chocolate & wine. Even cavewomen runners have to indulge a bit!


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