Grab a Friend and Go: Happy National Running Day!

Don’t you think today is a great to force inspire someone to start running? As usual on this national holiday, I will be doing double duty: two runs! It’s a like a birthday in a way for me (WHERE are my presents?!?!?!?).

I went to claim my 2013 badge, and pffff, I never know what to write, there are SO many things I run for/because… that I settled on this:

#1 Make a badge and share it.

#2 Then, run. Grab someone you like. And/Or look for an event in your city. If there is none, or you can’t make it, create one, invite a few friends, and celebrate.

#3 And make a list of what your running has done for you in the last year (share that too if you want!).

These are things I am celebrating this year:

– Been injury free for almost two years now.

– Running keeps making me happy, healthy, and bringing and lot of great things!

– I have gotten some PRs in the last year I never thought I could get to.

– I have met amazing people in the last year through running. One of them who makes me very happy every second, and we live together for Pre’s sake! In a studio!!!

– I have learned a lot about myself, how much I can grow and push through when I set my eyes on a goal, and work hard to achieve it.

– Seeing many friends so much happier now that they have started running.

That’s what I am celebrating today. You? Happy National Running Day!

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7 thoughts on “Grab a Friend and Go: Happy National Running Day!

  1. I honored National Running Day with 8.5 miles at 5AM.
    Your reasons to celebrate are plentiful and positive.
    Run well!


  2. I’m running 4 miles tonight as kind of an easy run. (I did 400’s on Mon. and feel like I need an easy run) Happy National Running Day to you.


  3. I was traveling for business and got to run on the Boise River Greenbelt! It was beautiful! One great thing about running is that you can enjoy it just about anywhere.


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