I get married today!!!

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In case you missed it, I got engaged in my last post. Yes, we do things fast (not running!!) –but also shows how little I’ve been blogging. All I’ve been doing, mostly, is look for shoes. Try to get this all figured out in 10 days, and the shoes become a problem, said the shoe-maniac. Well, I just wanted hot pink shoes, and only figured that out 4 days ago… So, we had to find a place, a dress, SHOES, and figure out who could make it, what we’d do and what we’d skip…

The thing is that was this is one tough month for us with two other weddings, a long holiday weekend, two days working for a race, and out of town for 4 days for another race, plus work and the ulcer. So we picked September 3rd or bust we’d have to wait another month… Which would have given us a lot of time to get it all done right, but… meh, life is too short, right. We get married today and have a little Central Park affair in a few days.  We had our engagement pictures done yesterday, with a team-mate, Richie, who was such a sport… on our last day we’d be engaged… It’s a little crazy to be engaged for just 10 days!

Anyway, I’ll share more pictures soon, but for now one we took on our slow run yesterday; how perfect! Our friend Linda sent us over there and so we made it part of our run!

Kubota's sculpture, titled “Ringo” (the Japanese word for apple), in NYC for just a year!

Engaged in the Big Apple; even if for just 10 days! Kubota’s sculpture, titled “Ringo” (the Japanese word for apple), in NYC for just a year!

Yes, I am running again… Little and slow, but LIFE IS GOOD. Feeling a Lot Better. I think it’s the power of the ring. Or the power of Love. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I never thought I would want to get married, ever. But it’s amazing how things change so fast when the right person comes around. Pure Insanity. Here we go!! Get ready, on your marks, get set… GO!

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