Our Central Park Wedding Ceremony

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Oh, sorry this took a bit. It’s been 3 weeks?!?! Time files! Anyway, I am assuming you’ll think there is a LOT of pictures here but you have no idea how much I (and our AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER RICHIE HILDEBRAND) struggled to select just a few. Seriously. He’s truly amazing. I have no idea how to get down to 100 or 200 pictures from 4 or 5 hours of pictures, which if you know me, was probably around 3 million pictures… Thanks Richie for the patience… you’re a SAINT.

Anyway, our ceremony would start around 4 pm in the Lake Pond in Central Park, where we’d meet our friends, so we took off around 2:30 for a picture-taking stroll through the park.

juan becerra elizabeth maiuolo wedding  central park richie hildebrand

At Engineer’s Gate. Ready to roll through the park and take some pictures…!

We met Richie at Engineer’s Gate, and Pablo and Ana came with us. Pablo is Juan’s best friend, the guy who introduced us a long time ago, and our wedding officiant, who had flown in from Buenos Aires for the occasion. Ana, my only sister, also flew in from Buenos Aires, and as her dress was matchy, she was my maid of honor. 😉

First we took some pictures where we got engaged, with Fred Lebow:

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-4Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-3

Notice how the bouquet and everything matches in a purple kind of way?? Well, Juan got the tie first, because I insisted for weeks: I love purple and he hates it. But still, he made the first move (he’s SUCH a keeper!!!!). Then on Thursday when my sister arrived, I tried it all and she suggested my dress needed to belted. So, my dress thingy matched his purple thing, then I bought him the purple square, and then, that morning, Juan and Ana went to buy flowers and she made me the bouquet. Could we be any more low-key??

More Fred Lebow pictures with the whole gang. Click on the pics to make them bigger.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-5

juan becerra elizabeth maiuolo richie hildebrand

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-6 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-7

Don’t my sister and I look alike? huh? We then started walking north, and took some random pictures all over!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-13

how do you pick just one?!??!? Richie!!!
Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-15 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-16

We then went up to the Reservoir, on the north side of course… It was so windy… I sent the boys in for a try out first 😉

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-18 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-34

I think this is one of the most photogenic areas in the city… you tell me:

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-22 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-25 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-23

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-24

We just can’t stop doing stooopid faces…I don’t know what’s wrong with us.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-26 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-27Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-20

It’s windy!! Then we did some by myself… not sure why, but they are nice!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-33

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-30 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-32

Before you say anything, I hate those shoes. I hate wedges. HATE them! But… we’d be doing the ceremony and everything else in the grass and I figured a stiletto would get stuck, then dirty. I was wrong, I should have tried it, but oh well.

We then headed to the bridge north of the reservoir, right in front of the Tennis courts… how do I NOT know the name of it?!?!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-43 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-42 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-41 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-40

I am SORRY, I can’t pick just one.. you have no idea how many I decided to put aside for the blog while I cried… but I am sure you haven’t seen wedding pics like these: GOOFBALL!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-37

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-39 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-44 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-48 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-49

We can’t seem to be able to walk together without holding hands.

I love this one so much:

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-35

Maybe it’s because I tend to fall so much… and he’s good at catching me!

UP THE BRIDGE! (I love these ones too!!!!)

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-51 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-52 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-57 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-59 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-60 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-61Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-65 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-66 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-67 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-55

And some more random pictures…

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-75 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-77 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-78Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-84 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-85OKAY, ready for this….? We are running…


Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-86 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-87 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-88

Then, after everybody was ready to sit down, give up, and/or cry, we headed towards our wedding spot, as per our park permit! The Pool Lawn. The pool lawn is gorgeous, there is a little waterfall, an amazing arch, and a pond with marvelous willows. (Plus a dirt track and the steepest downhill to sprint in the park!)
Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-94Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-96

We then went down to the Arch and Waterfall. Soap-opera face:Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-100 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-99 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-107 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-104 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-108

I love these!!Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-109 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-111 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-112

By then, we had walked like 2 miles in two hours in the sun, taking pics. So, everyone was tired, hot, hungry, it was 4 pm, so we walked the extra 300 meters to our spot! There was already a lot of people and we had to get the party started!!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-118

Christine, Sarah, and Juan

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-120

Pablo, Sole, Katie, Juan, Martina, and.. Daniela!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-122

Sole, Katie, Daniela, and Martina

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-123

Caroline, Jeff, and us

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-125

well, Pablo is a magician… and we couldn’t stop him! 😉

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-126

the family! my aunt in the middle and my cousins, Karina and Carlos!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-128

wait, wrong sister!!!

Time to start the ceremony… we only had a permit for 2 hours! (plus cleaning time of course!).

Pablo was officiating, and he had 4 pages of stories to share… Juan and I had written our own vows, five each, which we read, and it all went very fast. We have it all on video (ask me for the youtube link if you want to see it!!!) and it’s just 10 minutes, but it was fun, funny, and it really meant a lot to us to get to say that out loud, in front of a lot of people, and in the park. We had done our own vows before our City Hall/Sept 3rd wedding too, but it makes the commitment to each other so much more official…

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-130

if you know me at all, you know I do this a lot

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-131 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-133 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-134 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-135 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-138 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-140 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-141 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-143Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-146 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-148 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-149 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-151 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-152 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-153 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-157 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-155 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-159 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-160

Done! All SO FAST! Oh well.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-163

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-164 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-167

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-169

I am not sure how this happened… I think this was Richie’s idea… That’s Adam and Michelle who are getting married in a few months too!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-170

Kevin and Jill (plus Ned in blue)

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-173

Steph (who also got married the same week as we!), me, Ana, and Lo!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-174

(Sky) Erik, Patricia, and baby! (Tom)

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-175

Wedding Cake by Steph!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-177

Christine, Daniela, and Sole

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-179

Of course I am eating, and Helen

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-180

Sky, Martina, most amazingly creative gift ever, and me. PS: Sky came straight to the park right from her 6 hour race, which she WON. Jeez! Amazing

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-185

Patchoux, my friend and training partner, and me! Plus baby Lillie!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-186

Martina being Martina

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-187

matchy-matchy? Well, YES

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-192

It’s never official until there is a jump shoot!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-194 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-195 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-197

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-199

Or this.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-200

Well, that was it. Soon it started to get dark, and we got cold and REALLY hungry. So we headed to a restaurant for food, and to relax. It was so much much fun. It all went so fast (proposal to this was 1 month exactly) but I am not sure I would have wanted to do anything differently or take more time. We have now the rest of our lives to do stuff (I don’t think I ever would have spent a month or a year planning a party…! EVER), figure stuff out, enjoy each other, get in trouble, and RUN!

Well, so, if you wanted more pictures, yes, there’s more, all in random order, from our guests!!

2013-09-21 22.37.58 2013-09-21 22.38.26 2013-10-06 12.57.18 2013-10-06 12.57.19 793654_10151902439835930_204425596_o 1233268_10151902440400930_1475744010_o 1233268_10151902442410930_1132898288_o 1233279_10151902441235930_202557809_o 1233310_10151902439990930_89940614_o 1237232_10151902442155930_604335639_o 1237281_10151902441820930_207359652_o 1237381_10151902440195930_1751549839_o 1264071_10151902436420930_1224101025_o 1271318_10151902436170930_447099003_o 1272985_10151902440115930_1105489207_o 1274692_10151902438915930_1130885693_o DSC00508 DSC00514 DSC00516 DSC00518 IMG_3199


to all of you who came: thank you guys!!! you made our day so special… we hope you had fun!!

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  1. You guys are the cutest. I know I keep saying that, but you really are!!
    LOVE the white bridge with the scrollwork…
    If I come run NYCM (I want to, barring the lottery, of course) next year, I’ll see you, yes? I’ve never been to NYC!!


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