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Race Report: Run as One, 4Miler. Getting CLOSE.

Another 4 miler yesterday. The last one, two weeks ago exactly, had gone great and I did 28:12. This one, the Run as One, was the exact same course but I decided to switch up my shoes. I decided to pick up my racing Saucony type A5 which is one my lightest pairs… They’re just 5 ounces and about 4mm offset. I wasn’t sure I was ready for it, but it turns out, it made a huge difference. You have to think of everything when you’re just trying to save a few seconds!

As usual, Juan and I walked/jogged the 1.5 miles to the start. I only had like 4 ounces of coffee and a gel. It’s better if I don’t eat before these races… I usually end up dry-heaving at the finish line, sooo: less is more. The walk was gorgeous!!! Last week when we did the More Half and this week… it’s been great, all the trees are blooming and it smells DELICIOUS!

nyrr run as one  (1) nyrr run as one  (2) nyrr run as one  (3) nyrr run as one  (4)

Gorgeous, right??? Amazing. April and October are just the best in the park!

So, we got to the start, undressed, and headed for the corrals. I found so many friends in my corral! I asked everyone who was going for about 7:02 pace and got not takers. Soon, it was go time. This time, I had my watch and music again. After three races with neither, I decided to add those up to the equation again. Still tinkering with this a bit! Still, I didn’t look at my splits the whole race, I guess I’ve gotten used to running naked…  The race happened fast, nothing to report, other than in the last mile I picked up a LOT of people (that probably went out too fast) and ended dry-heaving again for 20 seconds at the finish.

nyrr run as one  (14)

28:06!!! that’s… 6 seconds faster than 2 weeks ago!! Wohooooo!!! And 6 seconds away from my TWO YEAR OLD PR!!!!! it’s gonna happen people!!! SOOON!!!!!!!!!! OR else.

Now, notice how I run ALL the tangents…

nyrr run as one  (11)

Why are you friends not doing tangents??? yes, it’s very crowded, but sometimes, usually after mile 2, there’s space to do this! SO many people out there running on the wrong side of the road… !!!!

Now check out my laps (disregard the one I lapped over, as I hadn’t heard the click). I love looking at my splits after…

nyrr run as one  (13)

I obsess over this stuff. I care so much more about pacing properly than the finish time. I think this one went great. If the average pace was 7:02, a 7:18 start (up Cat Hill no less) is quite conservative and great. Mile 2 is always the fastest and the only one with no hills, so it’s bound to be fast. Mile 3 is usually when I start to slow down a LOT, but somehow I was able to hold it here, I don’t remember hurting that much either. And Mile 4 HAS to be the fastest, which yes!!! Very happy with how this went. Though I didn’t have a clue what pace I was doing where. Running by effort is SO MUCH EASIER!!!

nyrr run as one  (9)

I saw Juan soon and my team mates. We hung out for a bit! I was HUNGRY.

nyrr run as one  (10)nyrr run as one  (12)

Stats Time:

Finish time: 28:06 Average Pace: 7:02

Previous PR: 28:00 From: April, 2013

Age Grading: 70.74% 

Overall Place: 664 of 8,098

Gender Place: 63 of 3,910

Age Place: 6 of 445

This is very good-looking. I like the over 70% percent there, given that is usually my goal and 6th in my Age Group is not so bad either in one of these races. I was quite pleased with myself for having cut off another 6 seconds in two weeks… If I can get rid of an extra 7 seconds for the next 4 miler in two weeks, that’d be a PR!!!! I am SOOO CLOSE I can smell it!!!

2014 NYC Triathlon in Pictures.



I had run Saturday (Summer Streets!!) because I had work on Sunday!!! wohooo, there’s a whole weekend of waking up early! 😉

Great thing was that Juan was volunteering at the finish line so we both took out early as we had to be within a few blocks from each other at the same time. When we left the apartment, it was pouring. We walked almost 2 miles, trough a deserted Central Park. It was so romantic!

The whole finish area was all set up quite early on.

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (1)

Soon, by 7 am, I was all set up at my cheering. Very soon after, still in pouring rain, with very few cheerers still, the leaders go by.

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (2) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (3)

That’s the first woman and men til that point. Soon they were trickling in and by 8 am it had stopped raining. Nothing worse than wet jean, ugh.

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (4) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (5)


In a bit, I had a few of my athlete’s there, and their families had come to join me (I had promised them lots of cheering supplies!!!), so it was a lot of fun. Also a lot of my team mates and friends came by. This area is great to watch because you walk 3-4 blocks and you can see them again, and the finish line is right there, pretty convenient!


new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (8) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (10) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (9)

Finally we started to dry off and soon we had everyone running by us. I spotted many but I only managed to get pictures of just a few. I get so fricking excited that I start yelling and I forget to shoot, OR… I remember and I press random buttons (I deleted a few apps thinking I was taking pictures…). I am a mess. But I scream a lot!


new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (6) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (7)

Another Whippet go by fast, Patricia, who looked so super happy!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (11) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (12)

Erin, one my Team Up athletes had also a super fun time. She put together this fabulous video if you’re interested in seeing more of the NYC Tri.

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (13)

Below is Xavi, another team mate. This was his first tri. funny thing is, most of the Whippets you see racing the tri, did a hard 5 miler the day before, the Team Championships. I am not sure how my body would handle back to back racing, but more kudos to all of them!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (14)

And then Kino!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (15)

Super-star Sarah Reinertsen!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (16)



Part photographers, part cheering squad, fully soaked, over excite band!

From left: Daniela, Christine, Linda, Ken, Jason and Rob.

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (17)

Then I got closer to the finish line, to see if I could double spot some people, soon I saw Jason again by the finish turnaround!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (18)

And the hubs was there working… he had to monitor the crossing… people would cross the course right when you had 150 meters to the finish and were on full sprint-on mode. that’s one crazy spot to have a crossing.  Juan had to do 5 hours of that. I would have been dead-exhausted after 1 hour of that…

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (19) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (20) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (21) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (22)

By then, I realized I needed a sip of something, so I went towards the VIP area right on the finish, got some water and a banana and a yogurt, got some shots and kept going!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (23) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (24) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (25)

That’s one comfortable way to be close to the finish line!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (26)


Back at the 72nd transverse, there’s Kino again! And Juan’s arm.new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (27) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (28)

I had spotted one of my athletes so I went to the finish chute. Found Kino first with a friend.

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (29)

And Xavi with his medal and his flag!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (30) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (31)

The other side of the finish line!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (32)

I followed another one of my athletes, Sam and her family and two friends, to the finish festival, which was bopping!!! Found the other Sam and Jason, eating ice cream and discussing the water in the Hudson, of course. Congrats guys!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (33)

So… I snagged one of these, salted caramel, and it was delicious. I just thought it was hilarious it had the same name of my boyfriend Bart!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (34)

So, now I had to wait for Juan to be done with his volunteering, 5 hours of it, so we sat down. I think I had an apple. Aaron and Sam.

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (35)

Soon enough the husband was done and reported back to service! I think that’s Michael in the back!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (36)

We decided to hang out a bit more as three of our friends were getting a prize award for the co-ed relay team! Congrats Simon, Katie, and Michael!!!!

new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (37) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (38) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (39) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (40) new york city triathlon pictures nyc tri 2014 (41)

Well, that was a fun day! And probably the best weather they’ve had IN YEARS… the current was strong and saved everyone a few minutes and the rain kept everyone cool during the run, but the bike portion was a bit messy. Still, for what I heard, everyone had a great time out there!


Race Report: 2014 NYRR Brooklyn Half Marathon

As I had declared last week, I am done with running for now, I needed a mental break after 10 years and I wasn’t going to run anymore. But… I was signed up for the Brooklyn Half and the Mini 10K (in 3 weeks)… what to do? Well, I’m gonna pick the bib and tshirt and decide later. Maybe I would feel like running by Saturday…?

Pre-Race Party/ Bib Pick Up  Bib Pick Up is more like a party, hence the renaming… It’s a nice place, by the water, with a GREAT view of the city, many food and drink options, a lot of space to hang out and see your friends, and the truth is we were running into people we knew every inch we walked. It was bit crowded, there was music, things to shop for, fun atmosphere. Too bad the weather didn’t help much but we got there, got our bibs, took some pictures, looked at the new balance stuff (nice!), went outside, got some food (there was a truck with melted cheese deliciousnesses) and stayed on the “lawn” to hear the band, then it started raining so we left soon. The trek from the Upper East Side where we live took about 1 hour each way, mostly because the 4/5 leaves you like almost a mile away. It’s a super nice walk though, and that street Lululemon or something off the Borough Hall stop is so super super nice!! I am planning to go back to the area.. on a nicer day. It’s a really nice park and you can’t top the views (says the Manhattan girl: if there is no view of the city, there’s no reason to leave the city!!!).  Now, if you want to get in and out fast like this was midtown, won’t happen! I liked this place, though I liked the place they had last year too

Walking to the expo on the Promenade or whatever that's called

Walking to the expo on the Promenade or whatever that’s called

We have been bibbed!

We have been bibbed!

Something I like about leaving the city, the perspective when you look at the city...

Something I like about leaving the city, the perspective when you look at the city…

Friday: D (decision) day  So, come Friday I hadn’t made a decision yet (Title should be more like INdecision day). Should I eat some carbs? Should I prep running clothes or should I just find something to do? If this was just a race in Central Park, it’d be easy to decide to skip it. But… the Brooklyn Half is more like an event… or a trip out of town with hot dogs and beach… AY, I couldn’t make up my mind, and by 4 pm I was stressing a bit. Juan was going to race it, so I’d be up at 3:30 am no matter what. If I could stay and sleep it’d be a different thing. BUT, if I had to get up and get out anyway (I am not just not going to not go cheer or meet him at the finish, can’t just stay home, what type of wife would Ii be??) then I might as well put some running clothes on…? So, staying in bed and sleep through it was not an option. I determined I’d go, try to run and enjoy it and if I didn’t, I’d just take the train… I had two exit strategies, my friend Tessa at mile 1.5 and my friend Flor at the 5 mile water stop. I’d just go with them to the finish and whatever! Flor even had a shirt for me. Then… I had the idea to wear the tutu to amuse myself: tutu power ON! You know my tutu, right? The BIG ONE!!!!


Then… I had the idea to ask on Facebook… because it seemed everyone I knew would be running Brooklyn to see if anyone would want company at my slow chatty pace! I wanted to make sure I had fun, and I was not going to do it alone for sure! I was looking for someone to chat through 13.1 in around 1:50 to 2 hours… I got offers to pace people but, pacing wouldn’t work, the other person would be working hard and who was I was going to have fun with?? Still a few people offered and we planned to meet in the corral! If all else failed and I got bored, I had my metrocard with me and would hop on the train to the finish! I had no issues giving up fast if I am not having fun. No guilt!

RACE MORNING!!! It was cruel how early we got up, and we went to sleep late because we got sucked into watching the Barbara Walters special…beeeeep beeeeep beeeeep 3:40 am alarm!!!! We figured we’d leave by 4:20 to get to the start by 5:40. It’s a long way from the Upper East side and I didn’t want to stress being late. I was going to be miserably sleepy and tired anyway! Luckily, it had just stopped raining, wohooo. We got ready, bundled up and got on the 4 to switch to the 2 in Fulton with another 10 thousand other runners. It was quite simple but I am always scared some train might not be running, we got there quite early. And sleepy. As it would turn out, we were quite right to get there early…

Look AWAKE!!

Look AWAKE!!

Bagagge and Start As soon as we got out of the 2 in Franklin Avenue, wow,  there were high fences all over the place and only one way to go. Note: always check the NYRR website and use the train exit they tell you to use (if you go with the one you think is closest you might end up walking miles because of the fences!). That way then security and metal detectors then security again and IN! We then walked towards the corrals (starting from the back), where we saw the portapotties inside!! Wohooo, we rushed into those, as they were all empty, took care of business, then kept walking to drop our bags and back to the corrals. It must have been like a half mile walk, we got to the trucks and deadline was 6:20 am, we had 10 minutes! We had to rush and change as they were NOT waiting one second!!!! We dropped our stuff quickly (it seemed like a liiiitle bit chaotic) and headed back to the corral. Yey, portapotties in the corral again!! For a change, the first wave started late, this is never the case in NYRR races. I was a 4 corrals back so I am not sure what was going on in the front, but the first runners were 7 or 8 minutes late to start. Wave 2 seems to have started on time.

Race Atmosphere This race was huge, you could tell right away. I wasn’t sure how many people would be there… 20,000? 30,000? It seemed super ultra mega organized: like they were expecting Obama… there was a LOT of people, but still I never felt more crowded than usual. I saw so many people… many from out of town (sometimes you can tell by their t-shirts!). It really felt like something big was about to happen. By the afternoon, it’d be confirmed that this was to be the biggest half marathon in the US with over 25K finishers… craziness.

Weather. It was coldish waiting at the start, glad I had brought an old turtleneck I wanted to get rid of. It was 58 at the start, but with the little clothes and wind, we were freezing! Of course as soon as it started, it was perfect (and I was wearing as little as I could!) but then the sun hits you on Ocean Parkway, and oh uh, hottish! It was totally fine though.

The Corrals I was corral 3, Juan was 4, so we had told everyone to meet us at 4. We got there early and met up with Patricia, a lot of my team mates, Elyssa, Lara, and so many more people. Apparently Blaise was right there too and I missed him. It gets crowded quickly so if you’re going to meet someone in the corral, always pick a corner!

nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half PreRace (1) Elyssa, from this Bridges Runner blog, orange shirt, had volunteered the day before to run with me. I shyly asked “I like to talk when I run, is that ok? do you like to chat when you run?” I know some people hate it but as I said, I needed to have fun, and I needed help! But also, I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day! She said YES. I was so happy. Now let’s see if we’re both comfortable and happy at the same speed…! The Course is…GREAT! There are a couple of little hills in the first 10K, and then flat or downhill past mile 6. You REALLY have to negative split here or you did something wrong. Good course to PR in, though for some reason, I never seemed to PR here… There is the one hill in prospect park, which is not that steep but seems to last foreeeever (elevation profile is here) because it bends so much you have no idea where it ends. There can be way too much sun after you leave the park, but luckily there’s a few trees. MY RACE Well, I really I had no idea what to expect. Having felt so slow and tired lately and with my crappy attitude… we started slow, we chatted… we cheered, we screamed, we talked about how we both didn’t feel like running but we were still running because, by talking, it didn’t feel like running. We stayed on the side and made sure we didn’t bother anyone, mostly in the first couple of minutes when it seemed like all 20 corrals were passing us. Soon, everybody’s speed matched our non-speed and we were seriously cheering people around us. I am sure we bothered some people, as the people who talk sometimes bother ME when I am racing hard and unable to focus, sorry. We tried to not be obnoxious but most people were happy to have us cheer for them. We checked on each other and made sure we were going slow enough to not push ourselves, to make sure we were relaxed and having fun. We somehow managed to have a lot of fun the whole way!

Picture by Ben Ko- thanks BEN!! Still had my start turtleneck as a scarf on the first half mile, just because even if it doesn't match, i need to make a fashion statement!!!!!

Picture by Ben Ko – thanks BEN!!
Still had my start turtleneck as a scarf on the first half mile, just because even if it doesn’t match, I need to make a fashion statement!!!!!

I got hot soon, even though I wasn’t racing and I was wearing less clothes than EVERYONE around me. The tutu was great though… it got SO many cheers and shoutouts that all I was doing sometimes was say thank-yous nonstop!! I love my tutu! The park was bit more crowded than the rest of the race but it really wasn’t so bad. We were having fluids every 2 miles, and one gel as we left the park. I saw so many people cheering, at the water stations, passing me in the race, really you felt like everyone was there! Pace-wise, I have to admit, I barely looked at my watch once or twice… I had no idea. Elyssa shouted mile splits sometimes, just because our only thing was to check not to go over 2 hours, but as I can’t do any math, I figured I’d look at mile 10… I like to hit the pedal when I leave the park but Elyssa had an irish soccer game -or something- to play that afternoon and wanted to save some energy, and I was comfortably having a good time that I was not chancing it by taking off! By mile 9 we decided we’d finish together and we did just that! Easy peasy, half done! nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half Race (3) nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half Race (2) We got to Coney Island, we put our hands together and crossed the finish line. 1:57 and something.

nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half Finish (2)

Done, we had fun, and now we have some more fun. In Coney Island!!!

The Finish Line The best part! You have around 300 meters to run on the boardwalk and it gets loud and crowded, even before 9 am! They had medals, bagels, powerbars (chocolate and mint, yuk!!!) and gatorade+water. It is just such a happy place and by 9 am you are free to just go do whatever you want!!! I had told Juan to wait there for me so I caught him as soon as I got my medal! There were a few blocks walk until we got to baggage but it was super organized and easy. Really nice medal too. And we got more pictures of course! nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half Finish (3) nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half Finish (4) nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half Finish (5) The Post Race/Getting my bag back fiasco!  Well.. we had to walk a bit to get our bags and holy molly it was a MESS. Seems like just a few bags where there, there was no line, everyone was against the fence holding their number and shouting their number and if the volunteers found it, they’d bring over the bag. My bib was on my skirt and I just didn’t feel like unpinning it so I asked someone (taller!) ahead of me to shout my number and SOMEHOW I got my bag super fast… Everyone else was just standing there… Apparently, I was one of the lucky few people who got to bag check in time! I learned a LOT of people didn’t get to the bag deadline early on, so they dropped their bags in the “late” truck, so those bags where being brought there in bunches… and/or there were not enough volunteers. I offered to jump in to help to organize the bags by numbers but they didn’t let me. It really was a mess all around. nyrr 2014 Brooklyn Half Post Race (1) Stats time Oy, this might be painful… or whatever! Finish time: 1:57:32. Average Pace: 8:59. 20 minutes off my PR, ha.

Previous PR: 1:37:35. From: March, 2013 Age Grading: 57.55% Ouch Overall Place: 10,758 of 25,587 Gender Place: 3,831 of 13, 678 Age Place: 523 of 2,105 (still top 25% which is fine… I guess!) To note looking at the stats, not only this is now the biggest half marathon in the US, but also, there were more women finishers (13,678 ) than men (11,909), insane! Total was 25,587 . Also sad, one runner died at the finish. This always makes me so sad.
splits elevation course nyrr brooklyn half marathon 2014

Seems like I lost satellite in the last mile I think. I kept looking and it said 12.47 for a whiiiile for a long time.

The Result I am VERY HAPPY with the race I run. I was not in shape, I wasn’t into it, actually, I had no interest in even showing up, but I managed my goal, to have fun, to not suffer… This doesn’t mean that I am back. I am not feeling like running still and for what I see, I probably won’t for a while. I am back to not running. But I managed to get to my beach party, the way everyone did: by running 13.1 first.

The Post Race Well, I skipped the MCU park as I had already been there last year for a NYC Runs 5k and my team, the Dashing Whippets, always has a beach party!!!  YEY, beach weather. FINALLY! So we scooted over to the beach after we got our bearings and omg, the FUN

I am done running. I am HAPPY.

I am done running. I am HAPPY.

Happy Birthday Whippets (5 years!!) and Matthew Wong (a few more than 5!)

Happy Birthday Whippets (5 years!!) and Matthew Wong (a few more!)

Cute Speech by Rich. Everybody cry, not really. Then there was a chase to plaster a cupcake on Matt's face but I think Matt had been training to avoid that...

Cute Speech by Rich. Everybody cried, no, not really. Then there was a chase to plaster a cupcake on Matt’s face but I think Matt had been training to avoid that…

cupcake boy (I am donut girl)

cupcake boy (I am donut girl)

Boys will be boys??

Boys will be boys??

My girl Kirby and I showing off or matching shorts!

My girl Kirby and I showing off or matching shorts!

He's not normal.

He’s not normal. (It was the Gatorade!!!)

Dashing Whippets Brooklyn Half Marathon

So Many Whippets!! (Apparently I am menopausal as I am the only one without a shirt..!?!??!)

It’s done. I am not sure when I’ll post again, if I have  anything else to say… but, my parents are coming to visit (after 5 years!) and they’re  too excited to see me race, and the Mini10k happens, so, we shall see.

Brooklyn Half Marathon, official page, with loads of pictures

– Brooklyn Half Marathon, official race results

—-Comment happily: you won’t be asked to create an account!

Running Valentine’s Week – in Runner’s World!

We just caught this on runnersworld.com, go to #46. Happy Running Valentines’s Week!!

juan and elizabeth valentine's dayIf you want to see more pictures like this, click on the link above, if you want to see more pictures of our romance stuff… here:

Yes, I am still here… (plus the Knickerbocker 60K)

Just don’t call me from a blocked number… Well, I know I haven’t blogged in a couple of weeks… lots happened and not a lot happened.

In the Running sense, I seem to be at a standpoint. I am always slow past the marathon, I am tired, it was freezing a few days, so it all amounted to a big whole of not running much. I didn’t run for 10 days after the marathon, then I went on a 5 mile run with my friend Kettia last week, then I did around 8 miles during the Knickerbocker 60K in the park and then I run last night, a crazy almost 6 miles at 10:40 pace. See? nothing exciting at all.

What’s exciting is all the other stuff. So much stuff that I barely thought about running. I had my Naturalization Oath two weeks ago, and became a US Citizen

2013-11-08 11.44.13

With that, they took my green card and I went on a frazzle as I am going overseas in two weeks! Emmm, I need to get a US passport ASAP to be able to come back in! Expedite and Run around I did, passports get done in one day!!!

Now, get ready for my trip, start packing, get a new iphone, get all set up at work, get excited about Thanksgiving sign up for races for when I am back, and oh, cheer for my hubby doing his first ultra, the Knickerbocker 60K.

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (1)

Juan ready to run his first ultra!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (2) ken tom

And they are off, Ken, in yellow and blue, also doing his first! And Lisa, a super ultra veteran!! wohoooo!!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (3) juan becerra

Guess who! ok, 1 lap done, 8 more to go!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (4) juan becerra

more fun, well, it was like 6 or 7 hours of fun actually…

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (5)

Juan on the west side

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (6)

Tommy was flying!!!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (7) tommy pyon sung

And flew to an Overal Third Place. AMAZING. 60K is like over 37 miles people!!!!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (8)

That’s a LOT of salt/sweat… oh oh

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (9) tommy pyon sung sky canaves

Sky, on the left, got Second Woman, amazing job!! and Tommy. Both in my running team!! Congrats guys!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (10) sky canaves gordon bakoulis

Top three Women: 1. Gordon Bakoulis (in the middle) a BEAST, seriously. Serious. 2. Sky Canaves, on the right, love her! and 3. Julie Kheyfets, didn’t know her but CONGRATS ALL!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (11)

AND, HE’S DONE!!! Congrats Ironman/UltraRunner!!!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (12)

we all love our BLING

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (13)

I never thought I’d see this: he smiled through the whole race, and he looked so strong. NOT normal for a first ultra… I think!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (14) tommy pyon sung

I love these people!

knickerbocker 60K nyrr new york road runners central park results photos (15)

I had to let him hug me as sweaty as he was… I had no choice 😉 Congrats Juan!!!!!!

It’s a been a fun and busy two weeks and I promise I will get my act together. After the delish and long-awaited Thanksgiving. And after my trip. And maybe after the Holidays. So, someday. You’ll be there, right???

Our Central Park Wedding Ceremony

Posts before this one: A Running Engagement / Engagement Pictures / I get married today!!! / A PR Wedding!

Oh, sorry this took a bit. It’s been 3 weeks?!?! Time files! Anyway, I am assuming you’ll think there is a LOT of pictures here but you have no idea how much I (and our AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER RICHIE HILDEBRAND) struggled to select just a few. Seriously. He’s truly amazing. I have no idea how to get down to 100 or 200 pictures from 4 or 5 hours of pictures, which if you know me, was probably around 3 million pictures… Thanks Richie for the patience… you’re a SAINT.

Anyway, our ceremony would start around 4 pm in the Lake Pond in Central Park, where we’d meet our friends, so we took off around 2:30 for a picture-taking stroll through the park.

juan becerra elizabeth maiuolo wedding  central park richie hildebrand

At Engineer’s Gate. Ready to roll through the park and take some pictures…!

We met Richie at Engineer’s Gate, and Pablo and Ana came with us. Pablo is Juan’s best friend, the guy who introduced us a long time ago, and our wedding officiant, who had flown in from Buenos Aires for the occasion. Ana, my only sister, also flew in from Buenos Aires, and as her dress was matchy, she was my maid of honor. 😉

First we took some pictures where we got engaged, with Fred Lebow:

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-4Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-3

Notice how the bouquet and everything matches in a purple kind of way?? Well, Juan got the tie first, because I insisted for weeks: I love purple and he hates it. But still, he made the first move (he’s SUCH a keeper!!!!). Then on Thursday when my sister arrived, I tried it all and she suggested my dress needed to belted. So, my dress thingy matched his purple thing, then I bought him the purple square, and then, that morning, Juan and Ana went to buy flowers and she made me the bouquet. Could we be any more low-key??

More Fred Lebow pictures with the whole gang. Click on the pics to make them bigger.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-5

juan becerra elizabeth maiuolo richie hildebrand

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-6 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-7

Don’t my sister and I look alike? huh? We then started walking north, and took some random pictures all over!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-13

how do you pick just one?!??!? Richie!!!
Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-15 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-16

We then went up to the Reservoir, on the north side of course… It was so windy… I sent the boys in for a try out first 😉

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-18 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-34

I think this is one of the most photogenic areas in the city… you tell me:

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-22 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-25 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-23

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-24

We just can’t stop doing stooopid faces…I don’t know what’s wrong with us.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-26 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-27Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-20

It’s windy!! Then we did some by myself… not sure why, but they are nice!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-33

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-30 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-32

Before you say anything, I hate those shoes. I hate wedges. HATE them! But… we’d be doing the ceremony and everything else in the grass and I figured a stiletto would get stuck, then dirty. I was wrong, I should have tried it, but oh well.

We then headed to the bridge north of the reservoir, right in front of the Tennis courts… how do I NOT know the name of it?!?!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-43 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-42 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-41 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-40

I am SORRY, I can’t pick just one.. you have no idea how many I decided to put aside for the blog while I cried… but I am sure you haven’t seen wedding pics like these: GOOFBALL!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-37

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-39 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-44 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-48 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-49

We can’t seem to be able to walk together without holding hands.

I love this one so much:

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-35

Maybe it’s because I tend to fall so much… and he’s good at catching me!

UP THE BRIDGE! (I love these ones too!!!!)

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-51 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-52 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-57 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-59 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-60 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-61Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-65 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-66 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-67 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-55

And some more random pictures…

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-75 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-77 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-78Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-84 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-85OKAY, ready for this….? We are running…


Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-86 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-87 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-88

Then, after everybody was ready to sit down, give up, and/or cry, we headed towards our wedding spot, as per our park permit! The Pool Lawn. The pool lawn is gorgeous, there is a little waterfall, an amazing arch, and a pond with marvelous willows. (Plus a dirt track and the steepest downhill to sprint in the park!)
Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-94Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-96

We then went down to the Arch and Waterfall. Soap-opera face:Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-100 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-99 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-107 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-104 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-108

I love these!!Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-109 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-111 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-112

By then, we had walked like 2 miles in two hours in the sun, taking pics. So, everyone was tired, hot, hungry, it was 4 pm, so we walked the extra 300 meters to our spot! There was already a lot of people and we had to get the party started!!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-118

Christine, Sarah, and Juan

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-120

Pablo, Sole, Katie, Juan, Martina, and.. Daniela!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-122

Sole, Katie, Daniela, and Martina

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-123

Caroline, Jeff, and us

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-125

well, Pablo is a magician… and we couldn’t stop him! 😉

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-126

the family! my aunt in the middle and my cousins, Karina and Carlos!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-128

wait, wrong sister!!!

Time to start the ceremony… we only had a permit for 2 hours! (plus cleaning time of course!).

Pablo was officiating, and he had 4 pages of stories to share… Juan and I had written our own vows, five each, which we read, and it all went very fast. We have it all on video (ask me for the youtube link if you want to see it!!!) and it’s just 10 minutes, but it was fun, funny, and it really meant a lot to us to get to say that out loud, in front of a lot of people, and in the park. We had done our own vows before our City Hall/Sept 3rd wedding too, but it makes the commitment to each other so much more official…

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-130

if you know me at all, you know I do this a lot

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-131 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-133 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-134 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-135 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-138 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-140 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-141 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-143Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-146 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-148 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-149 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-151 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-152 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-153 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-157 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-155 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-159 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-160

Done! All SO FAST! Oh well.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-163

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-164 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-167

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-169

I am not sure how this happened… I think this was Richie’s idea… That’s Adam and Michelle who are getting married in a few months too!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-170

Kevin and Jill (plus Ned in blue)

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-173

Steph (who also got married the same week as we!), me, Ana, and Lo!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-174

(Sky) Erik, Patricia, and baby! (Tom)

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-175

Wedding Cake by Steph!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-177

Christine, Daniela, and Sole

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-179

Of course I am eating, and Helen

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-180

Sky, Martina, most amazingly creative gift ever, and me. PS: Sky came straight to the park right from her 6 hour race, which she WON. Jeez! Amazing

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-185

Patchoux, my friend and training partner, and me! Plus baby Lillie!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-186

Martina being Martina

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-187

matchy-matchy? Well, YES

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-192

It’s never official until there is a jump shoot!

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-194 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-195 Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-197

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-199

Or this.

Juan & Elizabeth CP Wedding-200

Well, that was it. Soon it started to get dark, and we got cold and REALLY hungry. So we headed to a restaurant for food, and to relax. It was so much much fun. It all went so fast (proposal to this was 1 month exactly) but I am not sure I would have wanted to do anything differently or take more time. We have now the rest of our lives to do stuff (I don’t think I ever would have spent a month or a year planning a party…! EVER), figure stuff out, enjoy each other, get in trouble, and RUN!

Well, so, if you wanted more pictures, yes, there’s more, all in random order, from our guests!!

2013-09-21 22.37.58 2013-09-21 22.38.26 2013-10-06 12.57.18 2013-10-06 12.57.19 793654_10151902439835930_204425596_o 1233268_10151902440400930_1475744010_o 1233268_10151902442410930_1132898288_o 1233279_10151902441235930_202557809_o 1233310_10151902439990930_89940614_o 1237232_10151902442155930_604335639_o 1237281_10151902441820930_207359652_o 1237381_10151902440195930_1751549839_o 1264071_10151902436420930_1224101025_o 1271318_10151902436170930_447099003_o 1272985_10151902440115930_1105489207_o 1274692_10151902438915930_1130885693_o DSC00508 DSC00514 DSC00516 DSC00518 IMG_3199


to all of you who came: thank you guys!!! you made our day so special… we hope you had fun!!

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A PR Wedding!

Posts before this one: A Running Engagement / Engagement Pictures / I get married today!!!

In case you missed it, because this is going really fast, I got engaged two weeks ago.  You don’t want to miss those pictures if you are a runner, and also, in there there is a link to how Juan and I met. Through Running. Of course.

On August 21st, we got engaged, Monday September 2nd we did our engagement pictures, which I don’t have yet (will share, but we have this one!) and by Tuesday September 3rd, we were married! Not world record fast, but I’d say an age group win for sure!!! That’s just how we roll (sometimes!).

We spent the weekend excited about it, and also looking for shoes. I know I have said this before, but I wanted hot pink shoes. Oh well. No such luck. Poor Juan walked with me and carried my purse and graham crackers and gave me his opinion on approximately 200 shoes I tried on. So not worth our time. Live and learn.

Monday we did our thing. We wanted to make sure we had our time with this. These ceremonies go so fast, they are gone in a second and we did a Life Objectives list, like an adventure plan, and our secret vows no one will ever hear. We had a great time with it. For us, that was the point of committing to each other. The rest was the fun and the cute rituals.

Tuesday came around, the morning flew by. We were going to meet some friends at City Hall at 2:30, so at 1:20 we got in a cab, at 12 we started getting ready, had lunch at 11! Didn’t want to run out of energy on a day like this, for sure! Juan and I kept looking at each other like we didn’t believe we were really doing this… It was so fun and surreal and exciting!

Weather turned sunny as soon as we stepped outside, for some weird coincidence; it had been muggy and cloudy for DAYS. My friend Maricela was coming from Philly to be our witness at City Hall, and she offered to get me the bouquet; I said thanks, but I thought a bouquet? I need a bouquet???  I hadn’t even thought about it!! When we got to City Hall, she had just gotten there too..


All photos in this post by our amazing friend and megawatt photographer Ben Ko. If you need pics, he’s your guy, tell him you know me 😉 Also many thanks to Tessa Benau for looking for spots and angles, and to Bryan Dulog and Kenneth Tom for helping with the flashes and all Ben needed. Such an amazing team of friends I have..

Maricela and I have been really close friends since 2001, even when I moved to NYC. I was just so happy that she took a day off work to come be with us. It’s funny how as soon as she met Juan in July she and her hubby thought we had to get married because we were perfect for each other. I called her a lunatic.


We got in line. And then we did another magic shot with no people 😉103-20130903-5D9A8715 104-20130903-5D9A8592


Ken, Galya, Juan, Me, Maricela, and Flor


I am realizing looking at all these pictures now how goofy-faced we are all the time!

So, once we got our number, we thought we’d have like a half hour for pictures, or to have fun. No such thing!!! They called us to get our license and pay and then in to the chapel. All in a matter of 10 minutes. We barely got a few shots (well, we are FAST!)105-20130903-5D9A8594 106-20130903-5D9A8596 109-20130903-5D9A8634

Then, two minutes later, we were in the chapel. The officer asked if we’d do rings, OF COURSE, and told my friends to all get behind him so they could get better pictures… We were READY and giddy!!!116-20130903-5D9A8701


It looks like yellow gold, I know, but it’s not


Why do I have to ruin every photo?!?! Huh?


Florencia, one of my favorite people in the whole world, and us!


This is my “I am too excited to look normal” face



The impromptu bridal party, hahahaha! The wedding was so fast, two of them didn’t make it to the ceremony. NYC: the city where everyone is always running late (minus Juan and I, because he ALWAYS has to be early…!)


Sze, who also got there late…


Juan, you look a lot better with Mari. I am so sorry you married me!


Somehow this makes me think of Sex and the City…

127-20130903-5D9A8736 129-20130903-5D9A8747 131-20130903-5D9A8765 132-20130903-5D9A8773 133-20130903-5D9A8774

Luckily, Tessa had gotten lost on her way to City Hall so she had seen a lot of spots to take pictures… This spot was amazing. Not only because the stairs looked amazing, but also because our view from up there was UNBELIEVABLE…
134-20130903-5D9A8783 136-20130903-5D9A8825 137-20130903-5D9A8826139-20130903-5D9A8830 140-20130903-5D9A8836 141-20130903-5D9A8842 142-20130903-5D9A8845 143-20130903-5D9A8817 145-20130903-5D9A8785 145-20130903-5D9A8822

We then walked over to the park that is in Park Row… I had no idea it was called City Hall Park, and I always loved the fountain there. I think it is gorgeous, mostly because of the architecture surrounding it. If you’re in NYC, it’s a tiny little park to see, and it’s close to so many spots you’d visit (Ground Zero, Century 21). So cute.


Sorry, that is all my red lipstick all over your face!


A big group of Spanish tourists were just walking into the park and Ben somehow tried to communicate to them to get behind us. It was hilarious. Juan started screaming Viva Espania. They started screaming Viva Argentina, Vivan los novios. It was insane.

148-20130903-5D9A8873 149-20130903-5D9A8921 152-20130903-5D9A8935

After those shots, came time to have some more relaxing fun. It was around 3:30 or 4 so we headed to a restaurant, and had food, which was great. It was just a small group so it was nice to take a little nice relaxing break. After some laughs and food, we headed over to the Terrace at Yotel, the biggest rooftop in the city, and a gorgeous view without the place being crowded or pretentious. Perfect. My friend Kettia found it, booked it and got it all set up. I really do have the best friends! REALLY.



runners, of course!


Martina, Daniela, Soledad, and Annette


Abbe, Baker, Erica, Lora, and Linda


Ibra, Juan, Me, Flor and Fahima


Flor. I look so BLONDE in this picture!


Kettia, me, Sze, and Flor


Emily, me, Baker and Abbe!


My friend and training partner Patricia, who is about to burst and then be the fastest mommy in NYC!


Ken, oh Ken.


Polka dots Michelle


Juan, me, Dimi and Mag


Emily x2, Annette, (Photobomb-Ken), Tessa, and Andrea


Wow, the wind…. Ned, Kirby, me, Emily and Linda!

After a few hours of chatting with everyone as much as we could, and me begging for water (without even lemon, stupid ulcer!) and stealing every french fry I saw, we headed home. It was way past my 10:30 pm bedtime and I was sleepy. We stayed up for a bit because we were so so so excited. It felt a little unreal, and it still does. Our whole story and every day is still unreal. We just get along so well, when people would ask Juan about the honeymoon, he’d say we’ve been on a honeymoon since we met. Even if we live in a tiny studio apartment.

It was a really great day and I am very happy about where we are. We cared a lot more about the marriage than the wedding, and we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to be fair, honest, respectful and loving to each other. This decision just made it much more of a commitment, but I am very excited about what we just started. Even if calling someone husband is still pretty weird…

Post following this one: Our Central Park Wedding Ceremony / NYRR Fifth Avenue Mile – the Wedding Version