Tiny Race Report: NYRR’s Race To Deliver 4 miler

Sunday’s race was easy-peasy. When does a race feel like that? I have been running very little and quite slow since the marathon so I think I was ready to bust out a bit. I’ve been doing about 15 to 20 miles for the last 2-3 weeks since the marathon. The 4 mile course in Central Park is usually quite hilly but I’ve done it SOOO many times, I just don’t get scared anymore and go on autopilot for those races.

2014-11-21 20.48.01

His and Hers!

Sunday morning was 40 degrees!!! yey. We had a few days of 20s and 30s that week so 40 was quite exciting, and pretty much, the perfect running situation. We run to the start from home (Juan was running too) with an extra layer, but I still always dread waiting in the corral for 15 minutes freezing. But it wouldn’t be so. I was actually quite comfortable in singlet and short tights. Go figure. On the other hand 80% of the people were wearing jackets, long tights and what not. TELL ME WHY!

The ambiance was fantastic. I was in the back of the blue corral (I always go as far back as possible) and everyone was having a good time.When people are cold and about to start a race, it’s quite easy to be friendly, we’re all chatty and ready to hug everyone! Until the national anthem of course. That’s when, if there’s still someone chatting we all give them nasty looks until they stops. We’re a funny bunch runners. I love it.

I had done the 5 miler the week before the marathon in 7:28 pace so I assumed I’d be around 7:20 average pace, which means opening with a slow 7:40 mile.

We took off. Mile 1 is the worst. It’s crowded and there’s Cat Hill. I promised to go slow. Ha, I DID. Mile 1 was 7:49! I obviously couldn’t do any math but assumed this was awfully slow. Mile 2 is the only flattish area for you to get some speed going before the mess in the last two miles to I set on a rhythm and tried to pick it up a bit: 7:13. okay, not all hope is lost, which is something I think waaay too often in races! Mile 2: 7:13. Okay! By then, a friend of mine, who I knew was running passes by, actually, it was more like at 1.5 miles. She did fantastic on the marathon (like 10 mins faster than me) so I was sure I had to make sure and stay behind her. I knew that if I passed her, it’s because I was going too fast. But, Martina, oh god, was not running tangents (TELL ME WHY) so we traded the lead for a bit, for about a mile when I think she faded a bit (Mile 3, slooow 7:32) because I didn’t see her again. It’s amazing how I can really focus on the pacing on these short races. Once I got to half mile to go, I just went for it, usually right after the reservoir, I count all the turns, focus on the tangents and put my hit on someone about 5 meters ahead of me. Mile 4 was 6:59. 

See I barely bother anymore to even look at my stats on a  screen? Ugh.  PS: you are not dizzy, it IS fuzzy.

See I barely bother anymore to even look at my stats on a screen? Ugh.
PS: you are not dizzy, it IS fuzzy.

It was good to feel I could get faster towards the end but I didn’t have any of the pep in my legs I had the week before the marathon. I guess I still have some marathon on my legs 3 weeks later. I still managed to do better (given my AG was 66.72% on Sunday and it was 66.70% 4 weeks ago, okay, pretty much exactly the same!!)


Stats Time:

Finish time: 29:37 Average Pace: 7:25

Previous PR: 28:00. From: April, 2013

Age Grading: 66.72%

Overall Place: 579 of 5302

Gender Place: 102 of 3015

Age Place: 15 of 905

Official NYRR Race to deliver results and pictures

As soon as I finished, I saw John up ahead. John is 72, he placed 3rd in his AG and we seem to be doing the same finish times, which I love!!! Martina came by a bit after and we grabbed some water and went to find Juan by bagagge so we could layer up and run a bit more sloooowly. I already run today (hey, it’s 62 degrees!!) and felt fantastic! Not sure I left it all out there yesterday but I’ll be glad if there’s anything left in my legs for Thursday’s Turkey Trot!!!


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