My favorite things! April Edition


It doesn’t really feel like Spring…

so, just because Oprah and I are basically the SAME thing, I give you THIS: the new edition of my favorite stuff, where you discover new things you might like  or tell me you’ve been using that old trick for 5 years, and quickly unsubscribe from the blog. 

In no particular order:

stink free sports detergent

wow. seriously. there’s some gear I am careful with. Like my 2014 (neon orange) Boston jacket (because I RUINED my 2010 boston jacket, ha). I love this detergent! Try it (also check that site as they have other amazing things!).

What I love more than this detergent? The mini version of this detergent!! I travel super light I usually bring 1 pair of shorts, 1 bra, etc, so I just leave my clothes on the sink with this for a bit, and voila, ready for the next run!!! Won’t travel without it! WHY RISK IT, right?

fitletic double pouch

fitletic double pouch belt review product review running gear running belt this thing is my house. I have SO many belts (I’ve literally haven’t touched the other ones in years!) but this one is my favorite. Because it has TWO pockets! one is always pre-loaded with my keys, a tissue, some cash, sometimes a gel, whatever! The big one is for my iphone (currently a 6).

I usually add honey sticks in there and what not. I like that the phone is separate as I was always worried, when you take your phone quickly, that all the other crap (keys!!) would fall out! That’s not a problem here! You know we take stuff out without stopping the run!!! I’ve had it for over 2 years and it’s still in top shape. I just did a get new one because my dad sorta “claimed” my old one when he saw it…! check it out here.

I am so comfortable with it that I’ve run many races with it, including the Boston Mary.

runinkspired running tattoos

umm. yes. motivation? check. fun on the road? check. badass look? check. Temporary??? YES! easy to put on, what else do you need to know??? They are awesome. They are here. I got a bunch and been using them when it’s hot out. Love them!


Designer fitness apparel hand picked just for you. I stole this text from the website because how I could I say it better? Basically you create your own profile, pick what sort of sports you do, what you like (patterns, colors, etc), what sort of stuff you need more or less of (tops, bottoms, accessories, etc.) and then… you get a lovely package with things they select for you (and a return envelope to return what you don’t want to keep). Just like Stitch Fix for sports!

I like this sort of stuff because, let’s be realistic, we’d all be buying the same exact crap into eternity. It’s like when an ex (years years ago) gave me a light tan max mara cute little bag… ugh, TAN? YUK. Does he not know me at all? Every purse I own is neon!!! Anyway, because it WASN’T just like everything else I had, I ended up using it a LOT. I still have it actually. My point is that, because WE didn’t pick it, it might actually fill some hole in our wardrobe.

So, in my first shipment I got TWO things I NEVER would have bought, or really, even bother to look at a store. And I am obsessed with them!!!!! Worn them SO much already in two weeks! I even wore the tights in my race this past weekend! The top has three things I’d usually HATE: white/kangaroo pocket/mesh fabric!!! And, I LOVE IT. The tights… omg, they’re so soft and comfy… For anyone who’s ever tried to buy a present you know I am IMPOSSIBLE (my bday was two weeks ago, I returned most of it!) so this is a miracle.

under armour anything studio lux shoes

It’s not a secret that I am obsessed with all the UA gear. Want me to tell you again? Their infrared shirts have changed the way I approach winter now! but this is my obsession of the month!!! these shoes are SO COOL, and LIGHT, and COMFY, and BENDY. It’s a go.

I included some vacation pictures so you can see how I wear them with ANYTHING. It’s shocking I haven’t worn them to bed yet.

I also got a bunch more stuff from Under Armour in the last months. These blue tights are amazing (besides cool), super thin and soft. I wore them once and then to the NYC Half (that’s how much I trusted them!). Ps: they have a side pocket that fits my iphone 6, with a little hole for the headset!

The shell storm jacket, OH, obsessed, best top layer ever. And the shoes, those are the new record-equipped Gemini 2 that connect via bluetooth to a phone and track your mileage. Even when you run without your phone. I still have two Geminis (1) that I love and these feel quite similar, but it’s fun to think about going out without a gps watch!!!!

Questions? Anything you discovered this month that you love and couldn’t live without???? Share!

Running Form: top 10 at Healthy Kidney’s 10k in Central Park

Video from Mile 4.

Waiter, there’s a PRESIDENT on my Run!!

YEAH, I am not kidding, but let me get there!

So Johanna and I were doing our easy 4 this morning in the reservoir as usual. I met Johanna through the Loop a couple of months ago, and how convenient, we have similar pace and she lives 2 blocks away; but she is moving to Vermont this weekend so this was our last run together…

We headed out to do a couple of loops of the reservoir at 6:15 am. Right at the entrance of the park, I am doing all these silly pirouettes to show her how I stretch my quads (I am really bendy so I have to go all crazy to stretch!) and then a white unmarked car, and two huge black Cadillacs with tinted windows get right up on the bridle path. Not Cool. Is that really necessary? Oh well, the UN is in assembly this week so you get used to this kind of mess… it took me TWO hours to get home last night (when it’s usually 30 minutes) because of the gridlock…

We see a bunch of guys getting out of the cars, some secret service, some in shorts and running shoes. They have plain cotton shirts and one of them has a soccer jersey. I go “it’s gotta be a Mexican mandatary“… They head up to Reservoir, which is where we are going. A mile later, the 5 of them pass us… And I see the back of the soccer jersey: it says EVO. Just that. And I screamed “Is that President Evo Morales??“!!! They turn around and go yes! So I shout back, in Spanish now, Have a great Run and Good luck

Evo turns around!!! He looks, nods and says Gracias querida. I almost flipped. We were giggling like teenagers!!!! How cool is that??? Way to go with a bang, Johanna! We thought we should pass them to show off, but I had done speedwork yesterday and she had done a tempo, so we decided we’d pass them on the second loop. After all, they were doing 9 minute miles!

(I was going to insert pictures of the Mexican and Bolivian soccer shirts so you could see how I got confused, but the site is not collaborating with me today… Trust me (or hit the links), they’re IDENTICAL!!l)

Seriously though, how cool is that?

Ah, every run in the park is a little adventure..

When I was there last night, I had another crazy moment. I was just running and I hear loud music, and then it hit me!!! PAVEMENT!!!! Best band of the 90s was doing their reunion show in CP this week, and I had totally forgotten all about it. I got closer to the bandshell and I could hear them!!! OMFG, it’s EFFING PAVEMENT!!! LIVE!!! OMFG!! I couldn’t see them but I caught a bit of Shady Lane, some song I didn’t recognize, and Spit on a Stranger. I was shaking, my legs were shaking!! Maybe it was because I was sweaty and I got cold standing there, but OMFG, it was Pavement!!!!

I listened for a bit and then I run home wondering if I dream these things. At least I had a witness today.