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You know you are a runner when… part 2

part 1 (and your comments) is here.

  • On the runs, you usually feel like a heavy turtle. But after every run, you are wonder woman. Or Superman.
  • You have Vaseline jars everywhere.
  • You start ignoring every little running gadget or fad.
  • You get really upset if called a jogger. NOT cool, people!
  • You know not to stop for water in a 5K.
  • You coordinate your running outfits based on the type of workout you have a ahead.
  • You know you can get chicked or geezered at any time.
  • You learn there aren’t any other terms more relative or subjective than slow and fast.
  • You know than BQing is the Holy Grail for most of your friends.
  • You agree with Nike on most days. Just do it. Unless we are talking about cotton. Then don’t.
  • You have a laptop sized watch and you love it.
  • Your family knows what tempoing or chafing is about.
  • You can talk about Galen, Alberto, and Mo by the watercooler like they’re in a reality show.
  • You have, at some time or another, run with a metronome.
  • You have most of your upcoming weekends accounted for.


what are yours?

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