You know you are a runner when… part 3

  • you have a drawer full of medals and other race souvenirs that you’re not sure what to do with
  • you no longer make fun of fanny packs because your running belt looks (although cooler) to one, although cooler
  • you have a line in your budget for “race entry fees/race travel”
  • you’ve used an old race cotton T-shirt to wash your car, dust furniture, or clean something
  • you get an invitation to a wedding and you automatically think about what race the date will conflict with
  • Your laundry is always out of control
  • You miss not losing toenails anymore after a few years
  • You’re hungry constantly.
  • You look at the weather forecast to decide if you should wake up earlier to run if there’s bad weather later
  • You know where every toilet in the city is, whether it’s in the park or a Starbucks
  • You love spandex
  • You have at least once  had a nightmare of showing up to a race with no shorts on
  • You know what an illiotibial band is
  • Your window-shopping-fun is done at the sports stores
  • You’re still hungry = You’re rungry




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13 thoughts on “You know you are a runner when… part 3

  1. Yep, definitely! I joke that I know every public bathroom and portapotty/construction site within a 5 mile radius. And my laundry is astronomical…especially in winter when I’m wearing 5 layers…..


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