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Running Valentine’s Week – in Runner’s World!

We just caught this on runnersworld.com, go to #46. Happy Running Valentines’s Week!!

juan and elizabeth valentine's dayIf you want to see more pictures like this, click on the link above, if you want to see more pictures of our romance stuff… here:

yes, yes, that’s my picture in this month’s Runner’s World magazine

I have been such a busy mess that I have every RW magazine in a pile since December. I haven’t finished one book since last year, not even during trips to Argentina and Hawaii. Three months ago, I gave up on touring them around. I guess if I can sit down, I can sleep, and all else has to wait.

But a few people mentioned my picture was in this month’s RW; I assumed they were confused. laurenefries mentioned it again on Sunday, when I was home for a chance, and took it out of the pile. This month.. here… this one?

that is of course, Kara, and not me. Ok,  THERE it was. page 58.

It’s a screenshot from this post. I love these pictures from steering an the USA11, an amazing America’s Cup sailboat.

I am not sure I am good at most of the stuff they talk about, but it’s interesting. Blogging is great in so many ways… Maybe I don’t do it to push myself, maybe I do put too many pictures, but it does help keep track of stoopid things I do so I don’t repeat them (too many times, create communities, get other POVs and learn a lot. Definitely to learn.

yes, yes, that’s my picture in this month’s Runner’s World magazine