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Most of you already heard of this. I just heard about it an hour ago, rushed home from dinner, I am BOILING.

People at SELF magazine published this:


Nevermind they acted like bullies. Nevermind they are putting down people who are doing something amazing (whether they are going through chemo -which, em, case in efffin point!!!!!!!!-, they are fundraising, they are running because they love it, they are sharing the experience with a friend or the world, they like to show their colors, they just love tutus, whatever, etc, etc), they HAVE NOT FUCKING CLUE WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Sorry about the language. this is the first time I curse in my blog, and I have blogged for over 5 years. What they are saying is STOOPID, DISRESPECTFUL AND plainly, WRONG.

Think. Try.


Let’s see if you get it, from my own freaking experience:

My sister made me a tutu and sent it from Argentina. I did a 10k in it. I run one of the best races of my life, EVER.  NOt only I had a fantastic race but I got a PR that took me 3 years to break. A race for the ages. (full race report here)


I wonder why…  EMMMMMM.

and yes, I was not running, I was racing. See?

racing face ON

racing face ON, last 800 meters.

I am sure you all, smart readers know this. Wearing a tutu can affect your brain chemistry… When you run relaxed, happy, and have EVERYONE cheering you on, you run better, even if you weren’t going for a PR, you WILL PR. You will run so so so relaxed that you feel that flow, you know? when all your body parts are working perfectly together in a cohesive shape towards a fantastic goal that you can even feel already. I had thought I was gonna hate racing in a tutu, and it proved to me how relaxing, and not stressing during a race was always key. Plus now I know, biomechanically, you work VERY DIFFERENTLY when you run that relaxed.

get it now, SELF?

SELF, you can be bullies if you want to mock people and look idiotic, but do some research on running science, there are MANY many studies that prove that if you relax, your body works with you, and you run better. Running in a tutu is cool. Get with the program and stop this bullying non-sense.

PS: what is the point of making fun people? ANYONE????

PS1: Monika, Glam Runners, you guys… I am upset for you. This is beyond anything I can say, besides let’s all go buy another tutu from them! How dare anyone mess with YOU? Plus, you looked amazing. And like you were having the time of your life. I am still really upset. (also, they could have done some basic research…)

PS2: My husband is the most manly man I know, almost a caveman, and is not afraid to tutu-up. Plus, he’s done well in a few Ironmans, OKAY?

juan tutu


PS3: who reads SELF anyway??????

And these are better

you know when you do a race, look for the pictures maniacally for a day or two, theeeen you find them even though now your post is already old and who cares, and then you go back, like a week later, and you go it’s too late!!!  So tragic how it all works out right? Only that the pictures I just found are EVER MORE ridiculous than the last ones, so it is really not tragic at all.

I dare you to top these. Go ahead.


photo 3photo 2photo 4

I train for this. I do.  I jump and smile and practice in front of the mirror. Sometimes I take the mirror to the park because you need to practice while you run,  you know? I am very dedicated. Who cares about finish times?!?!

I am going broke at marathonphoto this month, I can see it happening…!

And this one is for no reason whatsoever:


Happy Friday and Happy Weekend everyone!  I am bursting at the seems, and more than usual!!!