HAPPY National RUNNING Day! (What’s YOUR running day/week like?)

Happy Best Day Ever!

I am not gonna lie, this day creeped up on me, just like anything else. But, I am having a good running WEEK, so it’s ALL A-OKAY. Here is my National Running Day Happy List:

  • Somehow I managed 35 miles last week. CRAZY. Average this year had been 20. I didn’t even notice until I tallied it up.
  • First long run with Blaise, my training partner, in a WHILE (a year?!?!). I love consistency.
  • I did speedwork TWICE in a week. TWICE.  Yeah, twice. Didn’t do any for a year, now twice. Feeling way better about it.
  • Got two good nights of sleep this week. It’s amazing how good that is, I wake up feeling like a brand new person!
  • Got lots of new shoes and samples this week to keep things interesting and new.
  • Volunteered/Attended a talk last night with Scott Jurek, Steve Friedman, Peter Sarsgaard, Chris McDougall…
  • Best Moment: when Chris McDougall recognized me and screamed my name. He’s loud, and tall, and I couldn’t believe he remembered me. Total Shock.
  • Run tonight with the Footlocker people for NatRunningDay, should be fun!
  • The Mini10k is this weekend! I know I won’t PR but I LOVE that race. And I got a new tiny pink running skirt.Or maybe I’ll break out the tutu again 

Last Night: Chris, Scott, Steve, Peter, will post more tomorrow about all they said, I took notes to share.

Last Year at the Mini10K (more pics):

HAPPY National RUNNING Day! (What’s YOUR running day/week like?)

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