Moving on from my RW blog after over 4 years: NOT EASY

Remember this post I put up a few weeks ago about Letting Go? Well, it was not about this, but I seem to have issues with that stuff (letting go issues, commitment issues, not wanting to eat healthy issues, etc, etc, but who is counting?). It’s not easy. I made so many friends there. Met amazing people. FOUR YEARS. Not not easy at all. But it’s time and everyone who knows me understands (reason is here, in a post I just put up in RW!).

Well, I made the decision on Monday around 6 pm and by midnight it was pretty much done. I hadn’t used wordpress before (I know, I am ancient!) but it was super easy to figure out! So, if you’re thinking about doing the same thing, don’t be scared, go for it! Plus, I can help.
I still need to add a few more things, and clean it up, and create a section for my biomechanics tips I always liked sharing on my other site, but it will nicer + better with time, I promise. This is just two nights of work, so send in your feedback, questions, comments, grunts, whatever. I am here now!


12 thoughts on “Moving on from my RW blog after over 4 years: NOT EASY

  1. I’ll follow you here! BTW I’m Pug Runner on RW but recently started a wordpress blog to talk more about general fitness — food, weightlifting, and yes, still running even though I was thinking of scaling it back a lot. Good luck on the blog!


  2. You are officially bookmarked..
    RW with it’s changes has made bloops tougher to follow.
    Bloops go by so fast due to all of the postings.
    Like the people on the left side had to deal with.
    I’ll be here lurking and hoping to steal some of your tips.
    Congrats and I hope this all works out for you and us!!


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